In 2006, Arnaldo! organized and founded the Pacific Northwest Cabaret Association. The idea came while Arnaldo! was at The International Cabaret Workshop & Conference at Yale University in 2005 where he met his cabaret mentor the late Erv Raible, who was then Artistic Director.  


Pacific Northwest Cabaret Association (PNWCA) is committed to preserve and to promote the art of the cabaret: intimate storytelling through music. Our vision is to create a vibrant cabaret audience and community of artists.  PNWCA is the producer of Seattle's March is Cabaret Month Festival.


In 2008, the first Seattle's  March Is Cabaret Month showcase was held at  Julia's On Broadway where it was held until 2011. In 2012, the festival moved to it's current showcase venue, Egan's in Ballard.

In 2017, PNWCA became a member of SHUNPIKE Arts Organization and hosted it's first  fundraiser LES ETOILES. 


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